Are you a good match?

Your home is a reflection of who you are, of what’s important to you, and how you live. Your renovation, and how you direct it, is the same.

A good professional renovator is sensitive to your personality and style, and in those initial discussions will be looking for clues from you about who you are, what you want from your home, and how well matched your home is to the way you live.

You might think you know, but it doesn’t hurt to make a list, to become more self-aware than you would normally be with ordinary tasks.


  • Are you outgoing? Hospitable? Or are you shy, preferring your own space and craving privacy? Are you looking for the ideal space to welcome and entertain guests, or are you more interested in your own sanctuary ‒ a quiet place away from noise and distraction?
  • Do you like having a homework area for children that is close to the kitchen, or do you think children should work quietly in their rooms?
  • Do you like sports? Do you like to play them, or watch them, or both? What about movies, or family movie nights? Is a home theatre a good idea?
  • Are you an outdoors person or an indoors person? Does a covered back-yard kitchen or a cozy indoor fireplace sound as though it would suit you?
  • Do you like to cook alone, or with others? How should your kitchen function?
  • Are you committed to preserving the environment? How committed? Will you want your renovator to use some of the advanced, energy-saving technology that can make your home almost completely self-sufficient? Would you consider recycled or locally sourced materials?
  • Do you like music? Art? Books? Do you need a good sound system, plain walls, and also lots of shelves?
  • How do you like the quality of light in your life? Do you prefer lots of natural light, or do you enjoy shutting out the world ‒ or both? Do you need large windows, sun tunnels, skylights, smart glass, or high-tech blinds?
  • Are you contemporary? Traditionalist? Minimalist? Do you like clean, sleek lines with little colour, or the warmth of wood? Bare floors or carpet? “Floating” stairways or old-fashioned banisters?
  • Do you like colour? Whimsy? There are so many ways to incorporate both into your renovation and design, from the appliances you choose to the floors, trim, and exterior.
  • Are you patient? Flexible? Adaptable? This will tell your renovator (and yourself) how well you will cope with some of the inevitable challenges or surprises during renovation.
  • Are you organized? Is an excellent storage system in your future?
  • Are you an abstract thinker, or do you need to see it to believe it? This can have an impact on the way you want your renovator to present an initial design.


Let your renovator know who you are and how you like to live. Your personality can, and should, have a profound impact on the decisions you make for your new “look”.




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