A space of your own

Maybe you want to get away on your own for a while, to a place that is only yours: away from the world… away, yes, even from your family and friends.

Some people call it a man cave, because it is sometimes said that men crave this space more than women, but this could just be a myth. Women, too, like to have their own environment. (or maybe they’re just better at finding it within existing spaces.)

A mancave (or womanspace) is something that you might consider for your next professional renovation. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t need to be large. It can be in a guest room, an attic, a garage, a basement. It can be a small building of its own on your property.

Within its walls are places to display or store hobbies, crafts, books, old films ‒ anything you like. It can be a dark room, a woodworking shop, a sewing room, a potting shed, a music studio, an artist’s loft, or a place just to sit and read.

The important thing is that it’s all yours, and it’s comfortable. It needs to be dry. It needs to be cool in summer and warm in winter (maybe with a little fireplace). It needs good light and a good sound system. It needs a place to store tools, fabric, yarn, craft supplies, paint, brushes, gadgets, or computer parts. It needs a workspace. It needs a great chair. It should be easy to keep clean and organized. It should be cozy. It should be aesthetically pleasing to its inhabitant.

Time to get away, but not too far away? Speak to your renovator.

This could be a whole new time of life ‒ your own time.



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