A room for everyone

A room for everyone

Ask any parents or grandparents about families, and they’ll probably agree on one thing. Families change. They change in leaps and bounds as children grow and adults age.

And so, when your renovation plans include the ultimate family room, it’s wise to think of this space as something that can change and adapt with your family’s lifestyle needs. It might need to be all things to all ages and life stages at the same time.

Of course, it’s important to know how you will use such a room, but chances are, with good planning, it can be as versatile as you like. Depending on space and budget, a family room can have an area for office or homework; a place for family movie-watching; a small kitchen for quick snacks; a bathroom; a “games” area; shelves or closet where toys can be hidden until next playtime.  A family room can have a tucked-away laundry area so you can do all that washing, drying and folding while you’re watching a movie.


It can also be designed to be accessible for any age. Toddlers need a safe place, away from stairs, to toddle. Older people sometimes appreciate flat floors without stairs, too. Doorways can be made wider to accommodate strollers, high chairs, wheelchairs, or riding toys.

A family room should be bright when you want it to be, so natural light or lighting systems will be something you’ll want to consider. And it should be easy to clean and maintain, to withstand play and spills and family activity. Floors should be durable but warm and washable.

Once you know what you want, and have an idea how your family will change and grow, your professional renovator can take you through all the possibilities — as full of hope and life as a happy family.


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