Transit Communities Coming to Ottawa

The Ottawa 2013 Official Plan update presents a bold vision for transit-oriented development in Ottawa. In simpler terms, transit oriented development is the building of private and public spaces (homes, businesses and parks) around the major transit hubs. These transit hubs include bus rapid transit stations, such as the Orleans Town Centre, Baseline-Woodroffe and Blair Stations, and the main stations of the LRT Confederation line.

Ottawa’s home builders and community developers are looking forward to the opportunities created by transit-oriented development. This type of development calls for innovative approaches to urban design, community planning and economic development. To capitalize on this moment , Ottawa’s home builders, city planners, community residents and elected officials will need to work together to ensure that we have the design rules in place that help us create the kinds of innovative and sustainable homes and communities that Ottawans have come to enjoy.

Ottawans can expect to see taller buildings and more compact communities sprout up around these stations. The plan proposes mixed-used developments around the transit stations, so expect to see new shopping and employment opportunities. The plan also calls for better walking and cycling connections station stop to the transit stations.

If you live close to one of the proposed LRT stations, you can expect more construction and development activity in your neighbourhood. The Official Plan means new and intensive residential and condo developments are being promoted around the LRT stations and major transit hubs.

While this may cause disruption in your life in the short term, it should add future value to your home, improve your quality of life and contribute to a more sustainable city.

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